Monday, September 27, 2010

Antique Hunter

Many of you know and some of you won't, that I am a rabid antiques hunter.  Stymied by a limited budget, I scour yard sales, thrift shops and junk stores, as well as online auctions to find unique items that I enjoy and then resell for a modest profit.  I have an online shop on Etsy (Crescent City Connection by neurorocker) and am working to learn internet sales, SEO and branding to make my shop as successful as possible.  In these blogs I hope to describe the methods I have learned to find my "treasures" and hope that you'll share yours.  I may also produce some of the challenging objects and hope that you'll chime in with your theories.  When I don't fully understand what something is, but I like it, I buy!  In the meantime, check out the shop and see if there's something you like!


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