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An Afternoon at Trimble's Tavern Antiques with Chris and his 'Witnesses of History'

To spend a few hours shopping at Trimble's Tavern is an extraordinary privilege. And if you chance to engage Chris Trimble, two things become immediately evident. Firstly, you are speaking with one of the most expert pair of eyes in the mid-Atlantic antiques business and secondly, you have come to a place that has been overtaken by an extreme passion for history. From the imposing and rare large scale furniture pieces to the smallest coin, everything here exudes a past-- and when he's able to avail himself (only because he is in such high demand), Chris Trimble will be your guide. His formal education and a lifetime of scholarly study of colonial American history is instantly accessed as he recalls the stories of how he acquired a piece and why it's so important.
You will find his shop just as you enter the small town of White Stone, VA in the Tidewater region that centers around the Chesapeake Bay and the Rappahannock River. It's a delightful area whose culture and env…

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